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The Lower Zambezi & Wildlife

One of Africa's Great Wilderness Areas

The Lower Zambezi National Park gets it's stunning scenery from the combination of 120km of Zambezi River front, the concentration of game in the valley floor and the backdrop of the magnificent Zambezi Escarpement, the Southern limit of the Great East African Rift Valley. The park is opposite Mana Pools National Park, a World Heritage Site across the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Relatively new, the National Park was officially gazetted in 1983 and consists of over four thousand (4092) square kilometres. The park is bordered by the Chiawa Game Management Area (GMA) in the West, Rufunsa GMA in the East, the Zambezi River in the South, and the Great East Road in the North.

The park receives few visitors today, but it won't be long before the great potential is realised and the Lower Zambezi National Park slowly becomes more and more like the other crowded parks of Africa.

Sausage Tree Camp supports Conservation Lower Zambezi, a non governmental organisation which supports the Zambian Wildlife Authority and local communities to protect the wildlife and habitat of the Lower Zambezi National Park.

The Lower Zambezi National Park

Location of Sausage Tree Camp - Zambia

Some of Africa's best Game Viewing Safaris

The Lower Zambezi National Park has a large variety of faunal species including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects, distributed in varying densities and in complex and diverse eco-systems.

During your stay in the Lower Zambezi, you will have a very good chance of seeing the following large mammals: elephant, hippo, buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, impala, bushbuck and kudu. Of the carnivores, there are solid numbers of leopard, lion and hyena. Other commonly seen animals are wild dog (african hunting dog); serval and the african wild cat. Smaller animals include the side striped jackal; dwarf, slender & banded mongoose; large spotted genet; civet; tree squirrel; honey badger; porcupine and aardvark.

These animals are widely dispersed during the wet season because there is plenty of water and forage. In the dry season they are largely concentrated along the valley floor, the banks of the river and islands in the Zambezi River.
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Mammal list of the Lower Zambezi National Park

African Elephant
Roan Antelope
Sable Antelope
Burchell’s Zebra
Water Buck
Greater Kudu
Bush Buck
Bush Pig
Common Duiker
Sharpes Grysbok
African Wildcat
Large Spotted Genet
Slender Mongoose
Dwarf Mongoose
Large Grey Mongoose
White Tailed Mongoose
Water Mongoose
Banded Mongoose
Spotted Hyena
Wild Dog
Side-striped Jackal
Honey Badger
African Civet
Chacma Baboon
Vervet Monkey
Samango or Blue Monkey
Clawless Otter
Peters epauletted fruit bat
Leaf nosed bats x 2
Slit faced bats x 3
Simple nosed bat
Horseshoe bats x 6
Mastiff Bat
Musk shrew
Lesser red musk shrew
Short snouted elephant shrew
Four toed elephant shrew
Bush baby
Night Ape
Yellow spotted rock hyrax
Spiny mouse
Pouched Mouse
Woodland doormouse
Sun squirrel
Tree squirrel
Scrub hare

Orycteropus afer
Loxodonta Africana
Hippopotamus amphibious
Tragelaphus oryx
Hippotragus equines
Hippotragus niger
Equus burchelli
Syncerus caffer
Kobus ellipsiprymnus
Tragelaphus stresiceros
Tragelaphus scriptus
Aepyceros melampus
Oreotragus oreotragus
Kobus vardonii
Potamomochoerus porcus
Phacochoerus aethiopicus
Sylvicapra grimmia
Raphicerus sharpei
Panthera leo
Panthera pardus
Felis caracal
Felis serval
Felis libica felis
Genetta Tigrina
Galerra sanguinea
Helogale parvula
Herpestes ichneumon
Ichneumia albicauda
Atilax paludinosus
Mungos mungo
Crocuta crocuta
Lycaon pictus
Canis adustus
Mellivora capensis
Civettictis civetta
Papio ursinus griseips
Cercopithecus aethiops
Cercopithecus mitis
Aonyx capensis
Epomophorus crpturus
Hipposideros x 2
Nycteris x 3
Rhinolophus x 6
Tadarida pumila
Crocidura cyanea
Crocidura hirta
Elephantulus brachyrhychus
Petrodromus tetrdactylus
Manis temmincki
Galago crassicaudatus
Galago senegalensis
Heterohyrax brucei
Hystrix africaeaustralis
Acomys spinossimus
Saccostomus campestris
Graphiuius murinus
Heliosciuius mutabilis
Paraxerus cepapi
Lepus saxatilis

Bird list of the Lower Zambezi National Park

Little Grebe
White-breasted Cormorant
Reed Cormorant
White Pelican
Pink-backed Pelica
Little Bittern
Dwarf Bittern
Black-crowned Night Heron
White-backed Night Heron
Common Squacco Heron
Rufous-bellied Heron
Cattle Egret
Green-backed Heron
Black Egret
Slaty Egret
Little Egret
Yellow-billed Egret
Great White Egret
Purple Heron
Grey Heron
Black-headed Heron
Goliath Heron
Yellow-billed Stork
Openbill Stork
Black Stork
Abdim’s Stork
Woolly-necked Stork
White Stork
Saddle-billed Stork
Marabou Stork
Sacred Ibis
Glossy Ibis
African Spoonbill
Greater Flamingo
Fulvous Whistling Duck
White-faced Whistling Duck
Egyptian Goose
Spur-winged Goose
Knob-billed Duck
African Pygmy Goose
Southern Pochard
African Cuckoo Hawk
Honey Buzzard
Bat Hawk
Black-shouldered Kite
Black/Yellow-billed Kite
African Fish Eagle
Palm-nut Vulture
Hooded Vulture
African White-backed Vulture
Lappet-faced Vulture
White-headed Vulture
Short-toed Eagle
Brown Snake Eagle
Western Banded Snake Eagle
African Marsh Harrier
Pallid Harrier
Dark Chanting Goshawk
Gabar Goshawk
Black Goshawk
Ovambo Sparrowhawk
Little Sparrowhawk
African Goshawk
Lizard Buzzard
Common Buzzard
Augur Buzzard
Wahlberg’s Eagle
Lesser Spotted Eagle
Tawny Eagle
Steppe Eagle
Black Eagle
African Hawk Eagle
Ayres’s Hawk Eagle
Long-crested Eagle
Crowned Eagle
Martial Eagle
Secretary Bird
Lesser Kestrel
Dickinson’s Kestrel
Eastern Red-footed Falcon
Red-necked Falcon
Lanner Falcon
Peregrine Falcon
Crested Francolin
Shelley’s Francolin
Natal Francolin
Swainson’s Francolin
Red-necked Francolin
Harlequin Quail
Blue Quail
Crested Guineafowl
Helmeted Guineafowl
Kurrichane Buttonquail
African Crake
Black Crake
Striped Crake
Purple Gallinule
Lesser Gallinule
Black-bellied Bustard
African Jacana
Painted Snipe
Black-winged Stilt
Water Dikkop
Three-banded Courser
Bronze-winged Courser
Temminck’s Courser
Common Pratincole
Rock Pratincole
Ringed Plover
Kittlitz’s Plover
Three-banded Plover
White-fronted Sand Plover
Caspian Plover
Senegal Wattled Plover
White-crowned Plover
Blacksmith Plover
Lesser Black-winged Plover
Crowned Plover
Long-toed Plover
Ethiopian Snipe
Marsh Sandpiper
Wood Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Little Stint
Curlew Sandpiper
Grey-headed Gull
Caspian Tern
White-winged Black Tern
African Skimmer
Double-banded Sandgrouse
Laughing Dove
African Mourning Dove
Cape Turtle Dove
Red-eyed Dove
Emerald-spotted Wood Dove
Tambourine Dove
Namaqua Dove
Green Pigeon
Brown-necked Parrot
Meyer’s Parrot
Lilian’s Lovebird
Schalow’s Turaco
Purple-crested Turaco
Grey Lourie
Great Spotted Cuckoo
Jacobin Cuckoo
Striped Crested Cuckoo
Thick-billed Cuckoo
Red-chested Cuckoo
Black Cuckoo
Emerald Cuckoo
Klaas’s Cuckoo
Didric Cuckoo
African Black Coucal
Senegal Coucal
Burchell's Coucal
Barn Owl
African Scops Owl
White-faced Owl
Spotted Eagle Owl
Giant Eagle Owl
Pel's Fishing Owl
Pearl-spotted Owlet
Barred Owlet
Wood Owl
Marsh Owl
European Nightjar
Fiery-necked Nightjar
Freckled Rock Nightjar
Gaboon Nightjar
Mottled Spinetail
Bat-like Spinetail
African Palm Swift
European Swift
Horus Swift
Red-faced Mousebird
Narina Trogon
Half-collared Kingfisher
Malachite Kingfisher
Pygmy Kingfisher
Brown-headed Kingfisher
Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher
Senegal Kingfisher
Striped Kingfisher
Giant Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher
Little Bee-eater
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
White-fronted Bee-eater
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
European Bee-eater
Southern Carmine Bee-eater
European Roller
Lilac-breasted Roller
Racket-tailed Roller
Purple Roller
Broad-billed Roller
Red-billed Wood Hoopoe
Red-billed Hornbill
Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill
Crowned Hornbill
Pale-billed Hornbill
African Grey Hornbill
Trumpeter Hornbill
Southern Ground Hornbill
Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird
Black-collared Barbet
Crested Barbet
Green-backed Honeyguide
Greater Honeyguide
Lesser Honeyguide
Bennett’s Woodpecker
Golden-tailed Woodpecker
Cardinal Woodpecker
Bearded Woodpecker
African Broadbill
African Pitta
Flappet Lark
Dusky Lark
Red-capped Lark
Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark
European Sand Martin
African Sand Martin
Grey-rumped Swallow
Mosque Swallow
Lesser Striped Swallow
African Rock Martin
Wire-tailed Swallow
European Swallow
House Martin
Yellow Wagtail
Mountain Wagtail
African Pied Wagtail
Richard’s Pipit
Long-billed Pipit
Buffy Pipit
Striped Pipit
Black Cuckoo-shrike
White-breasted Cuckoo-shrike
Sombre Bulbul
Yellow-bellied Greenbul
Terrestrial Bulbul
Common Bulbul
Kurrichane Thrush
Heuglin’s Robin
Red-capped Robin
Collared Palm Thrush
Central Bearded Scrub Robin
Eastern Bearded Scrub Robin
White-browed Scrub Robin
Capped Wheatear
Familiar Chat
Arnot's Chat
Mocking Chat
River Warbler
Sedge Warbler
Marsh Warbler
Great Reed Warbler
Lesser Swamp Warbler
African Yellow Warbler
Green-capped Eremomela
Burnt-necked Eremomela
Yellow-bellied Eremomela
Red-capped Crombec
Long-billed Crombec
Willow Warbler
Yellow-bellied Hyliota
Southern Hyliota
Garden Warbler
Common Whitethroat
Fan-tailed Cisticola
Desert Cisticola
Croaking Cisticola
Rattling Cisticola
Short-winged Cisticola
Red-faced Cisticola
Tawny-flanked Prinia
Yellow-breasted Apalis
Bleating Bush Warbler
Miombo Barred Warbler
Pallid Flycatcher
Southern Black Flycatcher
Spotted Flycatcher
Ashy Flycatcher
Lead-coloured Flycatcher
Chinspot Batis
Black-throated Wattle-eye
Livingstone’s Flycatcher
Paradise Flycatcher
Arrow-marked Babbler
Miombo Grey Tit
Southern Black Tit
Rufous-bellied Tit
Grey Penduline Tit
Spotted Creeper
Violet-backed Sunbird
Collared Sunbird
Amethyst Sunbird
Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Yellow-bellied Sunbird
White-bellied Sunbird
Shelley’s Sunbird
Purple-banded Sunbird
Coppery Sunbird
Yellow White-eye
European Golden Oriole
African Golden Oriole
Eastern Black-headed Oriole
Red-backed Shrike
Lesser Grey Shrike
Southern Puffback
Brown-headed Tchagra
Black-crowned Tchagra
Tropical Boubou
Orange-breasted Bush Shrike
Grey-headed Bush Shrike
White-throated Nicator
White Helmet Shrike
Retz’s Red-billed Helmet Shrike
Fork-tailed Drongo
Red-winged Starling
Greater Blue-eared Starling
Southern Long-tailed Starling
Violet-backed Starling
Wattled Starling
Yellow-billed Oxpecker
Red-billed Oxpecker
House Sparrow
Southern Grey-headed Sparrow
Yellow-throated Petronia
White-browed Sparrow-weaver
Spectacled Weaver
Large Golden Weaver
Lesser Masked Weaver
African Masked Weaver
Village Weaver
Red-headed Weaver
Red-billed Quelea
Red Bishop
Yellow Bishop
White-winged Whydah
Red-collared Whydah
Parasitic Weaver
Melba Finch
Orange-winged Pytilia
Red-throated Twinspot
Red-billed Firefinch
Jameson’s Firefinch
Common Waxbill
Blue Waxbill
Bronze Mannikin
Red-backed Mannikin
Cut-throat Finch
Village Indigobird
Dusky Indigobird
Pin-tailed Widow
Long-tailed Paradise Widow
Broad-tailed Paradise Widow
Yellow-fronted Canary
Bully Canary
Black-eared Seed-eater
Stripe-breasted Seed-eater
Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting
Golden-breasted Bunting

Tachybaptus ruficollis
Phalacrocorax carbo
Phalacrocorax africanus
Anhinga rufa
Pelecanus onocrotalus
Pelecanus rufescens
Ixobrychus minutus
Ixobrychus sturmii
Nycticorax nycticorax
Gorsachius leuconotus
Ardeola ralloides
Ardeola rufiventris
Bubulcus ibis
Butorides striata
Egretta ardesiaca
Egretta vinaceigula
Egretta garzetta
Egretta intermedia
Egretta alba
Ardea purpurea
Ardea cinerea
Ardea melanocephala
Ardea goliath
Scopus umbretta
Mycteria ibis
Anastomus lamelligerus
Ciconia nigra
Ciconia abdimii
Ciconia episcopus
Ciconia ciconia
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
Leptoptilos crumeniferus
Threskiornis aethiopicus
Plegadis falcinellus
Bostrychia hagedash
Platalea alba
Phoenicopterus ruber
Dendrocygna bicolor
Dendrocygna viduata
Alopochen aegyptiaca
Plectropterus gambensis
Sarkidiornis melanotos
Nettapus auritus
Netta erythrophthalma
Aviceda cuculoides
Pernis apivorus
Macheiramphus alcinus
Elanus caeruleus
Milvus migrans
Haliaeetus vocifer
Gypohierax angolensis
Necrosyrtes monachus
Gyps africanus
Torgos tracheliotus
Trigonoceps occipitalis
Circaetus gallicus
Circaetus cinereus
Circaetus cinerascens
Terathopius ecaudatus
Polyboroides typus
Circus ranivorus
Circus macrourus
Melierax metabates
Melierax gabar
Accipiter melanoleucus
Accipiter ovampensis
Accipiter minullus
Accipiter tachiro
Accipiter badius
Kaupifalco monogrammicus
Buteo buteo
Buteo augur
Aquila wahlbergi
Aquila pomarina
Aquila rapax
Aquila nipalensis
Aquila verreauxii
Hieraaetus spilogaster
Hieraaetus ayresii
Lophaetus occipitalis
Stephanoaetus coronatus
Polemaetus bellicosus
Pandion haliaetus
Sagittarius serpentarius
Falco naumanni
Falco dickinsoni
Falco amurensis
Falco chicquera
Falco biarmicus
Falco peregrinus
Francolinus sephaena
Francolinus shelleyi
Francolinus natalensis
Francolinus swainsonii
Francolinus afer
Coturnix delegorguei
Coturnix chinensis
Guttera pucherani
Numida meleagris
Turnix sylvaticus
Crecopsis egregia
Amaurornis flavirostra
Aenigmatolimnas marginalis
Porphyrio porphyrio
Porphyrula alleni
Eupodotis melanogaster
Actophilornis africanus
Rostratula benghalensis
Himantopus himantopus
Burhinus vermiculatus
Rhinoptilus cinctus
Rhinoptilus chalcopterus
Cursorius temminckii
Glareola pratincola
Glareola nuchalis
Charadrius hiaticula
Charadrius pecuarius
Charadrius tricollaris
Charadrius marginatus
Charadrius asiaticus
Vanellus senegallus
Vanellus albiceps
Vanellus armatus
Vanellus lugubris
Vanellus coronatus
Vanellus crassirostris
Gallinago nigripennis
Tringa stagnatilis
Tringa nebularia
Tringa glareola
Actitis hypoleucos
Calidris minuta
Calidris ferruginea
Philomachus pugnax
Larus cirrocephalus
Sterna caspia
Chlidonias leucopterus
Rynchops flavirostris
Pterocles bicinctus
Streptopelia senegalensis
Streptopelia decipiens
Streptopelia capicola
Streptopelia semitorquata
Turtur chalcospilos
Turtur tympanistria
Oena capensis
Treron australis
Poicephalus robustus
Poicephalus meyeri
Agapornis lilianae
Tauraco schalowi
Tauraco porphyreolophus
Corythaixoides concolor
Clamator glandarius
Clamator jacobinus
Clamator levaillantii
Pachycoccyx audeberti
Cuculus solitarius
Cuculus clamosus
Chrysococcyx cupreus
Chrysococcyx klaas
Chrysococcyx caprius
Centropus grillii
Centropus senegalensis
Centropus superciliosus
Tyto alba
Otus senegalensis
Otus leucotis
Bubo africanus
Bubo lacteus
Scotopelia peli
Glaucidium perlatum
Glaucidium capensis
Strix woodfordii
Asio capensis
Caprimulgus europaeus
Caprimulgus pectoralis
Caprimulgus tristigma
Caprimulgus fossii
Telacanthura ussheri
Neafrapus boehmi
Cypsiurus parvus
Apus apus
Apus horus
Urocolius indicus
Apaloderma narina
Alcedo semitorquata
Alcedo cristata
Ceyx pictus
Halcyon albiventris
Halcyon leucocephala
Halcyon senegalensis
Halcyon chelicuti
Megaceryle maxima
Ceryle rudis
Merops pusillus
Merops hirundineus
Merops bullockoides
Merops persicus
Merops apiaster
Merops nubicoides
Coracias garrulus
Coracias caudatus
Coracias spatulatus
Coracias naevius
Eurystomus glaucurus
Phoeniculus purpureus
Rhinopomastus cyanomelas
Upupa epops
Tockus erythrorhynchus
Tockus leucomelas
Tockus alboterminatus
Tockus pallidirostris
Tockus nasutus
Bycanistes bucinator
Bucorvus cafer
Pogoniulus chrysoconus
Lybius torquatus
Trachyphonus vaillantii
Prodotiscus zambesiae
Indicator indicator
Indicator minor
Campethera bennettii
Campethera abingoni
Dendropicos fuscescens
Thripias namaquus
Smithornis capensis
Pitta angolensis
Mirafra rufocinnamomea
Pinarocorys nigricans
Calandrella cinerea
Eremopterix leucotis
Riparia riparia
Riparia paludicola
Pseudhirundo griseopyga
Hirundo senegalensis
Hirundo abyssinica
Hirundo fuligula
Hirundo smithii
Hirundo rustica
Delichon urbicum
Motacilla flava
Motacilla clara
Motacilla aguimp
Anthus richardi
Anthus similis
Anthus vaalensis
Anthus lineiventris
Campephaga flava
Coracina pectoralis
Andropadus importunus
Chlorocichla flaviventris
Phyllastrephus terrestris
Pycnonotus barbatus
Turdus libonyana
Luscinia luscinia
Cossypha heuglini
Cossypha natalensis
Cichladusa arquata
Erythropygia barbata
Erythropygia quadrivirgata
Erythropygia leucophrys
Oenanthe pileata
Cercomela familiaris
Myrmecocichla arnoti
Myrmecocichla cinnamomeiventris
Locustella fluviatilis
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus
Acrocephalus palustris
Acrocephalus arundinaceus
Acrocephalus gracilirostris
Chloropeta natalensis
Eremomela scotops
Eremomela usticollis
Eremomela icteropygialis
Sylvietta ruficapilla
Sylvietta rufescens
Phylloscopus trochilus
Hyliota flavigaster
Hyliota australis
Sylvia borin
Sylvia communis
Cisticola juncidis
Cisticola aridulus
Cisticola natalensis
Cisticola chiniana
Cisticola brachypterus
Cisticola fulvicapilla
Cisticola erythrops
Prinia subflava
Apalis flavida
Camaroptera brachyura
Camaroptera undosa
Bradornis pallidus
Melaenornis pammelaina
Muscicapa striata
Muscicapa caerulescens
Myioparus plumbeus
Batis molitor
Platysteira peltata
Erythrocercus livingstonei
Terpsiphone viridis
Turdoides jardineii
Parus griseiventris
Parus niger
Parus rufiventris
Anthoscopus caroli
Salpornis spilonotus
Anthreptes longuemarei
Anthreptes collaris
Nectarinia amethystina
Nectarinia senegalensis
Nectarinia venusta
Nectarinia talatala
Nectarinia shelleyi
Nectarinia bifasciata
Nectarinia cuprea
Zosterops senegalensis
Oriolus oriolus
Oriolus auratus
Oriolus larvatus
Lanius collurio
Lanius minor
Nilaus afer
Dryoscopus cubla
Tchagra australis
Tchagra senegalus
Laniarius aethiopicus
Malaconotus sulphureopectus
Malaconotus blanchoti
Nicator gularis
Prionops plumatus
Prionops retzii
Dicrurus adsimilis
Onychognathus morio
Lamprotornis chalybaeus
Lamprotornis mevesii
Cinnyricinclus leucogaster
Creatophora cinerea
Buphagus africanus
Buphagus erythrorhynchus
Passer domesticus
Passer diffusus
Petronia superciliaris
Plocepasser mahali
Ploceus ocularis
Ploceus xanthops
Ploceus intermedius
Ploceus velatus
Ploceus cucullatus
Anaplectes melanotis
Quelea quelea
Euplectes orix
Euplectes capensis
Euplectes albonotatus
Euplectes ardens
Anomalospiza imberbis
Pytilia melba
Pytilia afra
Hypargos niveoguttatus
Lagonosticta senegala
Lagonosticta rhodopareia
Estrilda astrild
Uraeginthus angolensis
Lonchura cucullata
Lonchura bicolor
Amadina fasciata
Vidua chalybeata
Vidua purpurascens
Vidua macroura
Vidua paradisaea
Vidua obtusa
Serinus mozambicus
Serinus sulphuratus
Serinus mennelli
Serinus reichardi
Emberiza tahapisi
Emberiza flaviventris

Fish list of the Lower Zambezi

African mottled eel
Giant mottled eel
Zambesi parrotfish
Cornish jack
Eastern bottlenose
Airbreathing shellear
Stripped robber
Tiger fish
Silver robber
Broadstriped barb
Red barb
Linespotted barb
Largescale yellowfish
Straightfin barb
Dashtail barb
Redeye barb
Threespot barb
Longbeard barb
Barred minnow
Manyame labeo
Purple labeo
Redeye labeo
Leaden labeo
Spotted sand catlet
African butter catfish
Sharptooth catfish
Electric catfish
Neumann's rock catlet
Limpopo rock catlet
Clouded squeaker
Brown squeaker
Johnston's topminnow
Striped topminnow
Greenhead tilapia
Kariba tilapia
Zambezi happy
Southern mouthbrooder
Green happy
Redbreast tilapia
Banded tilapia

Anguilla labiata
Anguilla marmorata
Cyphomyrus discorhynchus
Marcusenius macrolepidotus
Mormyrops anguilloides
Mormyrus longirostris
Petrocephalus catostoma
Kneria auriculata
Brycinus imberi
Brycinus lateralis
Hydrocynus vittatus
Micralestes acutidens
Distichodus mossambicus
Distichodus schenga
Barbus annectens
Barbus fasciolatus
Barbus lineomaculatus
Labeobarbus marequensis
Barbus paludinosus
Barbus poechii
Barbus radiatus
Barbus trimaculatus
Barbus unitaeniatus
Opsaridium zambezense
Labeo altivelis
Labeo congoro
Labeo cylindricus
Labeo molybdinus
Zaireichthys rotundiceps
Schilbe mystus
Clarias gariepinus
Heterobranchus longifilis
Malapterurus electricus
Chiloglanis neumanni
Civettictis civetta
Synodontis nebulosus
Synodontis zambezensis
Aplocheilichthys johnstoni
Aplocheilichthys katangae
Oreochromis macrochir
Oreochromis mortimeri
Pharyngochromis darlingi
Pseudocrenilabrus philander
Sargochromis codringtonii
Tilapia rendalli
Tilapia sparrmanii