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The Lower Zambezi

One of Africa's Great Wilderness Areas

The Lower Zambezi National Park gets it's stunning scenery from the combination of 120km of Zambezi River front, the concentration of game in the valley floor and the backdrop of the magnificent Zambezi Escarpement, the Southern limit of the Great East African Rift Valley. The park is opposite Mana Pools National Park, a World Heritage Site across the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

Relatively new, the National Park was officially gazetted in 1983 and consists of over four thousand (4092) square kilometres. The park is bordered by the Chiawa Game Management Area (GMA) in the West, Rufunsa GMA in the East, the Zambezi River in the South, and the Great East Road in the North.

The park receives few visitors today, but it won't be long before the great potential is realised and the Lower Zambezi National Park slowly becomes more and more like the other crowded parks of Africa.

Sausage Tree Camp supports Conservation Lower Zambezi, a non governmental organisation which supports the Zambian Wildlife Authority and local communities to protect the wildlife and habitat of the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Lower Zambezi
Quick Facts

Size 4092kmĀ²
Formed 1983
Mammals recorded 124 species
Birds Recorded 403 species
Fish Recorded 89 species

The Lower Zambezi National Park

Location of Sausage Tree Camp - Zambia