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Safari Activities

Perhaps the best African Safari Game Viewing

Sausage Tree Camp offers some of the finest game viewing in natural habitats anywhere in Africa. It's location within the Lower Zambezi National Park on the banks of the Zambezi River means that game viewing activities take place both on the water, by boat and canoes, and on the land by four-wheel drive game viewing vehicles or on foot (bush walks). The camp is well equipped with game viewing vehicles, boats and canoes allowing us to easily cater to the personal and individual needs of all our guests.

Sausage Tree Camp employs the most knowledgeable and experienced guides. All of our guides are fully trained, licensed and have many years of experience, ensuring that the highest quality of guiding and safety standards are achieved. We pride ourselves on our development programme for our junior guides.

Safety is our very first concern during all our activities. All of the boats and vehicles are fitted with VHF radios, for direct communications back to camp and carry a first-aid kit. All guides have first aid training and camp has direct communications back to our head office in Lusaka (the capital of Zambia).

Game Drives

Lion Sighting
Game Drive Tea
Game Drive Lions

Game drives are the most succesful way to see a good variety of wildlife, both large and small. Visiting more areas, and witnessing the diversity of the Lower Zambezi National Park you can appreciate the unspoiled wilderness of Zambia. A larger area can be covered in a shorter time frame, increasing the chance to find good game. The vehicles also allow those ‘up close and personal’ experiences - our team of professional guides will ensure that it is not too close!

Night drives are the perfect way to experience the nocturnal animals, including the elusive leopard, genet, civet, porcupine and giant eagle owl. The big cats tend to be more active at night and you may find yourself following lions on the hunt. Your guide will also point out the constellations of the Southern night sky.

Sausage Tree Camp operates a fleet of new Toyota Landcruiser game viewing vehicles to ensure reliability and comfort.


Incredible Walking Experience
Walking on lions
Unforgettable Walking Safari

Walking is the perfect way to search for the smaller creatures, learn about the trees, the plants and examine the different tracks and signs. Walking was pioneered in Zambia and remains one of the few areas where this can be truly enjoyed.

Led by a professional walking guide and National Parks Wildlife Officer, walking is carried out in small groups. Taking advantage of the cooler morning temperatures, you will take a game drive from camp to an open area where the walk begins. Beware -not only do you see the smaller things on foot, it is also not uncommon for us to see lion on our bush walks.


Canoeing Elephant Sighting
Canoe Sunset
Lions on Canoe
Elephant Experience

The Lower Zambezi is renowned for its spectacular canoeing. As one of the few privileged operators based inside the National Park, we are able to canoe guests down the most stunning section of the Zambezi, “The Chifungulu Channel”. Led by one of our highly qualified canoe guides, explore the banks of the river, where game can be seen from a totally different perspective - looking UP rather than down!

Canoe trips vary in length (from one to seven hours) however a one-hour canoe trip is a great prelude to an evening game drive. No experience or particular strength is required - it is an effortless drift, as the flow of the Zambezi pushes the canoes along. Rather than a work out, this is a time to relax, listen to the sounds of the huge variety of bird-life and admire their sheer beauty.

A full day canoe trip, stopping for a picnic lunch en-route is an unbeatable safari experience.

Boat Cruises

Afternoon Cruises
Elephants Swimming
Buffalo on Cruise
Sunset Cruises

Scenic boat cruises are a very relaxing way to view the game that comes down to the river to drink and bathe, whilst also taking in the unique water wildlife. Until the Zambezi River is explored by boat, it is impossible to truly appreciate the huge hippopotami pods and crocodile populations. Lucky guests have experienced the truly memorable sight of elephant crossing the Zambezi, from Mana Pools National Park to the Lower Zambezi National Park. To view the most amazing sunsets in Africa, floating sundowners (Gin and Tonic are de rigueur!) in the middle of the Zambezi is a must! This can also provide a photographic opportunity for that perfect African sunset.

Sausage Tree Camp operates scenic boat trips using 7metre aluminium river cruisers. Designed for the Okavango Delta, they are the perfect boat for the Zambezi River as sandbanks make navigation on the water very difficult.


Malachite Kingfisher
Carmine Bee-eaters
White-faced Whistling Ducks
African Fish Eagle

Wether you enjoy waking up to the booming call of the impressive Ground Hornbill or watching the flittering of tiny Redbilled Firefinches there is something at Sausage Tree Camp and the Lower Zambezi for the novice and experienced bird watcher alike.

We have approximately 500 species of birds in the Lower Zambezi National Park from waders on the shores of the Zambezi River to wattle eyes in the Miambo woodland in the escarpment. Some of the special and more interesting birds that can be found in the area are Sadelbilled Stork, African Skimmer, Roufous Bellied Heron, Bee Eaters, Black Crowned Night Heron, Amathest Sunbird and Jamsons Firefinch just to name a few.

A Typical Day on Safari

Sausage Tree Camp offers personalized safaris to all guests allowing you to set the pace of your day including the type and length of each activity. Here's what can you expect when on safari at Sausage Tree Camp ...

05:30 - Wake-up to your favourite beverage.

06:00 - Breakfast.

06:30 - Morning activity: perhaps a gentle canoe trip meandering the river banks wildlife, or a game drive to catch sight of lion or leopard before they take shade for the day, or a walk to encapsulate the personality of a herd of elephant or buffalo and to take in the smaller and often missed intimacy of the African bush.

12:00 - Lunch, sustenance is such an important part of a bush day.

13.00 - As the days are warm (even hot) a little time to relax and read up from our library on the experiences of the morning.

15:30 - Afternoon Tea, a little more fortification for the days activities.

16:00 - Afternoon activity, as the sun starts to cool now is the time for fishing, a Sausage Tree Camp spectacular, as we have the finest Tiger fishing in the world. Or you may prefer to head off into the early sunset by vehicle to enjoy the myriad of nocturnal species, not just cats, but honey badger or porcupine or the ever elusive but majestic Giant Eagle Owl or Pels Fishing Owl.

19:30 - Drinks around the camp fire, time to unwind.

20:00 - Our candlelit dinner whilst reminiscing the memories of the day, or just to enjoy the “spirits” of the evening, and so to bed for a good nights sleep, ready for the next days exploration.